We're back with the second season of our Boom City original series, Inisde Turntablists. In this season we vist 6 turntablists in 6 different countries!

Checkout the full second series here.


Ben Eine creates one of the largest paintings in the world in Hackney Wick, London. Proving that anything and anywhere can be a canvas. 

A Boom City original series, Inside Turntablists explores in depth the state of turntablism, the background and the style choices of a variety of turntablists from around the world.

Checkout the full first series here.

We heard Brighton is the capital of scratching. In occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Community Skratch BBQ we went to find out why.

In the lead up to the Sample Music Festival in Berlin we hooked up with the events organisers and artists to talk about what makes this event so unique.

When creating one of the world’s largest paintings it takes more than just the artist to conquer such a feat. We set out to tell the story of those behind the scenes and whom rarely get recognition for their skill set and contribution to such a historic project.  

Documenting an innovative production and live performance of two artist who compliment each other in the truest sense, showcasing the Pioneer SP-16 and AS-1 and how they've played a large role in the production of their project. 

Behind the sounds gets a first hand look into the creative process of the track "Holla", where they got their inspiration and how they translated their ideas.

We had a blast filming at HHV's annual event Diggin Days. This year's event was held at the iconic Cassiopeia club in Berlin.

We followed Grime DJ/ Producer/ Ambassador Rude Kid to SXSW festival in Texas for his debut US performance. He tells the story of his introduction to Grime and the reaction of his music to a new audience.

The build unveils the making of one of the most ingenious nightclubs London praises: long soundproof corridors displaying industrial machineries, Printworks bloomed from what once was the Western Europe’s largest print facility, delivering two million newspapers every day. 

Kaspersky's message is that with speed it is important to stay secure and safe. Through Their sponsorship of Formula E and this collaboration with world renowned artist D Face we bring this message to life. 

It was a treat to capture this outstanding performance of award winning musician and artists Reeps One, just after he finished the large painting in the background, right the heart of London. 

As solardo prepares for the summer festival season, we wonder.. what is festival life like on the road for the electronic music duo. From their studio in Manchester’s northern quarter to the relentless stage at Leeds Festival.

In The Mix is a collaboration between UKF & Serato. In this series, award winning DJ Captain Crunch mixes the latest tracks released on UKF's channels. 

Legendary nature writer and wild life broadcaster Stephen Moss presents one of Britain’s most famous natural spectacles. Set in beautiful Glastonbury, this hypnotic dance of starlings is sure to blow your mind.

In the latest instalment of Krew's RIGHTS REFUSED film series we caught up with BB Bastidas in London to document a day in the life of his travels. 



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